Soil Mix for my collection


 Dry/Wet condition


 A  B  C


   This Soil is one of pumice and produced from Hyuga, Kyushu region, Japan. Rather light weight and resonable price to purchase in Japan.
This also is another Huga.

 25  25

 Granite Sand

   I bring this granite sand from river in my rigion. So I use this sand, this is free element for my Soil mix.  25  -  25


   This is very famous element for Soil mix at each countries. The merit is just bacterium free, light weight and may contain inorganic nourishment.  25  25  25


   I use to purchase this manure from a certain nursery. Substance are
chicken dung, paddy chaff, remaining of extracted rapeseed, bone manure, chemical fertilizer and so on.
 25  25  -


   This soil is burying huge quantity in the Kanto plains, Japan. Huge scoria accumulated in 4th Diluvium epoch and was weathered during long time. So it was became red-soil at last. This soil have not phosphorus, potassium and lime, but can keep water and well drained. This soil turned color when soak a water.  -  25  25


   I don't use to this material for soil mix, due to no good result for my collection. However some people acknowledge it as a good constituent for their soil mix. This soil is yielding in Kanuma-city, Tochigi. This is one of pumice stone with porosity and existing between volcanic ashes. A volcanic eruption of Mt. Akagi made this soil in several tens of thousands years ago. This soil can keep water and well drained too.  -  -  -

MagAmp K

   You know very well.


 chaff charcoal

   You can make this element which is burned rice chaff black. Many of old growers tell us this is good for plants root system. I used to add 5 - 10 % in volume.





   This stuff is sold at 'Home depot' and is called 'Keisan-Hakudo'.  SQ  SQ  SQ

 small amount element

   This product is also sold at 'Home depot' and contain many elements, ie. MgO(12.0%) MnO(0.5%) B2O3(0.2%) Fe(1.5%) Cu(0.01%) Zn(0.04%) Mo().01%) SiO2(12.0%). At certain times, this material brought very good result to my collection.  -  -  SQ

* 'PQ' means Proper Quantities
* 'SQ' means Small Quantities
* Each figure shows the measurement ratio (%)
* Right part in each photos shows wet condition and left part is dry condition
* Column-A is my basically soil mix for common cactus
* Column-B is for Astrophytum and Ariocarpus
* Column-C is for some difficult cactus which hate organic matters

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